How to choose rubber sulfide active agent

2022-05-30 13:53

Rubber accelerator Whoever can increase the activity of catalyst, improve the efficiency of vulcanization rate and vulcanization (or increase the number of crosslinking key, reduce the average number of sulfur atoms in the cross-linking bond), to improve the performance of vulcanized rubber chemicals are known as curing activator (hereinafter referred to as active agent, also help promote agent) surfactant can be divided into two categories, organic and inorganic active surfactant.

Among them, zinc oxide and stearic acid are commonly used as active agents in sulfur-accelerator curing system. When making transparent products, because basic zinc carbonate is easily soluble in rubber, it can be replaced by active zinc oxide, which can obtain higher transparency. In the non-carbon black reinforcing adhesive, polyols and amino alcohols can be added to weaken the adsorption of silica, clay and other non-carbon black reinforcing agent on the accelerator, so as to give full play to the accelerator's effectiveness.