What are the factors of rubber deformation

2022-05-30 12:02

Compression deformation is one of the important performance indexes of rubber products. The size of the compression deformation of rubber accelerator relates to the elasticity and recovery of vulcanized rubber. The size of the deformation is mainly controlled by the change in the resilience of rubber. The factors affecting the recovery ability include intermolecular forces (viscosity), changes or destruction of network structure, and intermolecular displacement. When the deformation of rubber is caused by the stretching of the molecular chain, its recovery (or the size of the deformation) is mainly determined by the elasticity of the rubber: if the deformation of rubber is accompanied by the destruction of the network and the relative flow of the molecular chain, this part can be said to be irrecoverable, it is independent of the elasticity. Therefore, all factors that affect the elasticity and recovery of rubber are factors that affect the compression deformation of vulcanized rubber. These factors include elasticity, impact elasticity (resilience), elasticity and modulus, compression deformation, tearing deformation and so on.

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1, elasticity - the elasticity of rubber should be a theoretical concept, it represents the rubber molecular chain segment and the difficulty of rotation in the side base, or the size of the rubber molecular chain and molecular force. For vulcanized rubber, its elasticity is also related to the density and regularity of crosslinking network.

2, elasticity and tear deformation - often said that the elasticity of natural rubber is very good, but its tear deformation is often very large, this is mainly natural rubber elongation is very large, elongation process caused by the destruction of the network and the displacement of the molecular chain is very large, the recovery process after fracture is long and unrecoverable part of the increase. If the constant length of the deformation is compared, the deformation of natural rubber is not necessarily very large.

3, the impact elasticity or resilience is measured under the condition of fixed load (or fixed energy), the size of the elasticity and vulcanized rubber crosslinking degree [1] or modulus has a direct relationship, the expression is the synthesis of rubber elasticity and viscosity (or absorption).