Types and classification basis of rubber softener

2022-05-30 12:01

Rubber softener is a relatively common chemical substance that is closely related to our life and production. However, there is still a lack of authoritative or professional information about rubber softener. It is difficult to find relevant articles on the Internet, which is a very big obstacle for people to understand it. The following rubber accelerator xiaobian to give you a simple introduction to the classification of knowledge.

Rubber accelerator

Types and classification basis of rubber softener

I. Classification according to mechanism of action

1. Physical plasticizer: plasticizer molecules into the rubber molecules, increase molecular spacing, weaken the intermolecular force, this rubber softener can make the molecular chain easier to slide.

2. Chemical plasticizer: also known as plastic solution, this rubber softener through mechanochemical action, so that the rubber macromolecule chain, increase plasticity.

Most of the aromatic thiophenol derivatives such as 2- naphthalene thiophenol, diphenylthiophenol, pentachlorothiophenol, etc.