What are the preparation methods of triazole?

2019-06-26 13:42

The preparation method of triazazole: reaction of o-phenyltriamine with sodium nitrite. Dissolve o-phenylenediamine in 50℃ water, then add glacial acetic acid, cool to 5℃, add sodium nitrite stirring reaction. The reactants gradually turned dark green, heated to 70-80℃, the solution turned orange red, placed at room temperature for 2h, cooled, filtered out crystallization, ice water washing, crude drying, crude vacuum distillation, collected 201-204℃ (2.0kpa) fraction, and then recrystallized with benzene, the melting point of 96-97℃ products, the yield of about 80%. 124 Triazole is a by-product of carbendazim condensation wastewater treated with sodium nitrite.

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