The difficulty of rubber auxiliary wastewater treatment

2022-05-30 13:57

(1) high salt content. Main rubber fertilizer production, especially heavy usage times sulfonamide classes, thiazole, thiuram and carbamate salts and other additives production have ph adjustment or reactions such as oxidation reaction steps, in this process produces a large amount of sodium chloride or sodium sulfate salts, such as some of the products of waste water and salt concentration of 7% or more.

(2) high concentration. In order to improve the product output per unit time, reduce the amount of waste water at the same time, each manufacturer tend to increase the concentration of reaction to achieve the above goals, thus formed in the mother liquor of COD concentration is very high, some of the products produced by mother liquor water COD can reach tens of thousands of mg/L, if do not do pretreatment on existing biochemical pool of microbes can cause severe shock.

(3) There are many pollution factors and they vary greatly. Rubber products in the production of formula system are generally used at the same time a variety of rubber additives, there are promoters, vulcanizing agents, antiaging agents, coupling agents and other processing additives.

The solution

This kind of wastewater has complex composition, high chroma, high COD content and high salt content, so it is difficult to biodegrade and is not suitable for biochemical treatment. At present, haizhiyan environmental protection uses two-stage micro-electrolysis + two-stage Fenton as the main physical and chemical process, has run many companies, its treatment effect is stable and good, the process of COD total removal rate up to 92.6%, aniline total removal rate up to 98.6%.

Micro-electrolysis process is particularly effective for high salt content, high chroma and difficult to biodegradation of high concentration organic industrial wastewater, especially suitable for such as curing accelerator NS, CBS, M, DM, anti-coke agent CTP, anti-aging agent RD and other products. It has popularization value in rubber auxiliaries, especially vulcanization accelerator and antiaging agent enterprises.