Several commonly used rubber accelerators

2022-05-30 13:55

According to the different chemical structure, rubber accelerator can be divided into thiazoles, qiuram, subsulfonamide, guanidine, dithiocarbamates, aldehydes amines, xanthates and thiourea and other eight categories.

Rubber accelerator

One, thiazole this is the organic accelerator in the earlier varieties. Belong to acid accelerator.

It is characterized by high vulcanization activity and good aging resistance and fatigue resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in the rubber industry and consumes a large amount. The main varieties are as follows.

(1) 2 mercaptan benzothiazole trade name for accelerator M.

Light yellow powder, bitter taste, non-toxic, stable storage. It is a general-purpose accelerator, and has a rapid promotion effect on natural rubber and diene general-purpose synthetic rubber. The vulcanization flatness is good, the critical vulcanization temperature is 125℃, and there may be encephalitis burning when mixing.

Easy to disperse in rubber, not contaminated, but not suitable for food rubber products. The dosage of the first accelerant was 1~2, and the dosage of the second accelerant was 0.2~0.5. It can also be used as a plasticizer of natural rubber.